DAA (Distinguished Alumnus Awards)

1. Office of Alumni Affairs announces the DA Award Program by December 1 week of every year, with a closing date of January 2nd Week.

2. DAA Selection Process :

After the closing date, all applications are consolidated, and classified under the five categories (A-E)

3. Applications submitted during the past two years, but not awarded, are also taken up for consideration. ).

4. Applications are scrutinized and summarized by the DAA Selection Committee.

5. The selection committee is formulated, by the Principal and Approved by the Management.

6. Complete applications, along with the summary information, are circulated to all Committee members.

7. The Committee meets subsequently, typically within 1 or 2 weeks after the closing date.

8. At the meeting, the Committee considers all applications.

9. The following general guidelines are applied to each category:

A: Academic Achievements and honors, intellectual contributions to the field of expertise, pioneering work, journal papers & citation indices, conference papers, books and book chapters, number of Ph.D. scholars guided, visiting professorships, lectureships, fellowships in professional associations, student mentoring & welfare activities, peer testimonials, awards & recognition .

B: Innovations in Application of Technology, Design & Development Achievements, Awards & Recognition (external & internal), Technical Leadership Activities & Positions, Fellowships in Professional Organizations, patents & Publications, Industry Standards Activities, Collaborations with Academia, Community Service

C: exceptional management skills, leadership position with company, awards & recognition, Board memberships, Fellowships, testimonials, global stature, collaborations with academia, community service, team leadership in setting up new enterprises, mentoring track-record

D: Significant Entrepreneurial Skills & Accomplishments, Creation of Support Structure for Entrepreneurs, Success of Start-ups in establishing market presence, scale of Operation & Reach to Society, Awards & Recognition, Coaching & Advisory activities

E: Significant Accomplishments in various arenas—service to society, service to the Institute, service to alumni, excellence in public administration, notable achievements in media & fine arts, leadership and innovation, scale of impact.

10. Applications are ranked in each category.

11. Category-wise rankings are used to identify the first awardee in each category.

12. Since there are 5 categories, and since typically 5 awards are given every year, there can be more than one awardee in one or more categories; cross-category comparisons are used to make this determination.

13. After the Committee has concluded its deliberation, the final selections are communicated to the Director.

14. The Principal announces the names at the end of his Republic Day address on January 26th

15. The DA’s receive their awards during Annual Day (Feb/March).

16. The DA’s then continue to engage with the Institute in various ways, including repeat visits, student mentoring and participation in local alumni activities.